Only seven percent of technology workers in the United States are Hispanic.  We’re aiming to change that.

In September, the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Center for Hispanic Entrepreneurship will host Chicago’s first Hispanic-centric Hack-a-thon: HackInclusion.


Hispanics currently make up more than 17 percent of the US population.  By 2050 more than one third of the US population will be Hispanic.  In Illinois, Hispanics already comprise more than 23 percent of the under 18 population – one in four Illinois students K-12 are Hispanic and one in three new births in Illinois are Hispanic.


A 2014 report by Nielsen says that Hispanics are the consumer of the future and suggests that Hispanics are “ahead of the digital curve”.  The report says that Hispanics are more likely to own a smartphone and frequently use cutting-edge digital media.  Yet Hispanics lag when it comes to securing high-paying science, technology, engineering and math careers.  Studies suggest this disparity is not because of a lack of interest or ability, but instead because Hispanics lack access to tech tools, training and mentors.



HackInclusion will take place on September 26-27, 2015 at 1871 (Chicago’s entrepreneurial hub for technology startups).



Hispanic entrepreneurs, innovators, designers, artists, creative thinkers and problem solvers are all invited join us as we disrupt the current state of inclusion with actionable plans with the use of technology.


H/I is aiming to predominantly attract millennials and an audience of traditional business owners, innovative companies organizations and civic leaders that desire to include women, Hispanics and African Americans as part of their growth strategy.

H/I will develop fresh content that will be published in cooperation with 1871 and event stakeholders to attract media buy in from companies such as TechCrunch, The Next Web, Re/Code, Gigaom and Fast Company.



HackInclusion will feature 3 different challenges so each distinct attendee can put their talents to use:

1. Business Model Hack


Introduce a Hispanic-owned small business to new technologies and solutions that solve real problems. Our software partners' APIs will help bring this to life.

2. Disruptive Tech


Build a workable and scalable platform to increase inclusion at tech companies. Create a platform that can be used with government and community-based organizations, chambers of commerce, universities, libraries and the business community *(think big or go home)*

3. Developer Challenge- Internet of Things (IOT)


Utilize iBeacons, Twitter Fabric and software stakeholder API’s to build up customer experience of underrepresented service/ retail companies.



HackInclusion is planning to award the winning teams of the 3 challenges with prizes ranging from $2000-$5000 for the best solutions to hack-a-thon challenges.


The Hack-a-thon teams must demonstrate their solutions to a panel of judges in the last day of the Hack-a-thon in an “investor pitch” competition. The judges of the Hack-a-thon competition will consist of challenge stakeholders, Hispanic CEO’s, angel investors, venture capital funders, civic leaders and coding/developer experts.